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Comic is active! For notifications about updates, go either on my own page here :iconhuispe: or on my tumblr page :3 Comic updates on Saturday evenings!

Flame Heiss' character sheet by HuispeBrise Shoome' character sheet by HuispePuikko Pakkanen's character sheet by HuispeKuma Heatles' character sheet by Huispe

If there's a question that isn't answered you can go to the chatroom…
Mainly it's for fan character creating, but I'm sure you can hop in and ask advice in general.

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I realized couple of days ago that I never told you guys about how Bouldarians react to sexualities XD I decided to write about it before I forget, and I might eventually make some sort of visual version of this :)

Basically different sexualities were there since the Bouldarians were created, so they never had time to become a problem. (well of course pedophilia, zoopihilia and necrophilia and similar being exceptions...)
On B-oulder two men can walk hand in hand on a street and no one makes a scene about it. Two girls can kiss in puplic and people just go "Aww :heart:".

On a similar note also being a transgender, like Salama Salama sketch dump by Huispe, is also normal. It can take TG some time to figure what is going on in their head, but they don't have pressure of society holding them back either. People might take a few moments to be reminded that: "Ok. Right. You're really a male/female :) Sorry about that" but if a person on purpose would call a TG by their body's gender, then I can assure you that person would have 5/5 against him telling him he is a jerk.

Now what I also want to make clear is that this is in no way a statement for anything. I'm not speaking for gay rights, bi rights nor straight rights. All I want is to show my dream world where a person can be with who they want and no one makes a scene about it. Positive or negative. Even constant positive scene making gets tiring and eventually someone goes too far... Gay people want rights, someone gives them. Then cross dressers become unhappy. They get what they want, and then the transgenders are unhappy...
I'm just showing you guys a world where people can have a break from all that. :) You can't say that doesn't sound nice.

That's all ^^
Huispe out
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Okay quick question what color would you consider for someone who is made of electricity?
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