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Comic is active! For notifications about updates, go either on my own page here :iconhuispe: or on my tumblr page :3 Comic updates on Saturday evenings!

Flame Heiss' character sheet by HuispeBrise Shoome' character sheet by HuispePuikko Pakkanen's character sheet by HuispeKuma Heatles' character sheet by Huispe

If there's a question that isn't answered, note or ask it in FAQ blog and it shall be answered (If it doesn't involve serious plot spoilers.)

The world of Temperature

Main characters

How the army works

Temperature's glossary

The people of the Temperature world

Good to know + FAQ


How the people of the Temperature world work by HuispeON and OFF forms
Temperature - Fan Character Tutorial - 1 info down by HuispeHow to make a good temperature fan character







I can feel it in my guts that I'm going to regret this...
But it's true. I'm allowing fan characters again. This time there is no limit. Just go crazy BUT! stay within the guidelines I'm giving you.

I don't really remember anymore where I wrote my last guidelines, or if they are still written somewhere in this group, so I'll write them here. Make sure to follow them the best way you can so no one has to have grey hairs XD By "no one" I mean me... Here is the remade character sheet. Make sure to check out the artist comment. It has the most important information you should take in consideration

So first select region: Hot, cold or neutral
Hot or cold wind person can live in neutral area. Otherwise the bouldarians are to be located at their own Temperature area. Or if your character has money, they can live in another temperature area by buying safety liquid and using it all the time.

Select element: Temperature power thermostat by Huispe
You can use element that has already been used, apart from ice. Ice is not allowed to be used.

When choosing a name, you must choose a name that in some language represents somehow the character's element.
It can be directly the element, or something that is connected to the element:
Wind person = Brise (German for breeze)
Leaf person = Runni (Icelandic for shrub)

Certain exceptions are ok with good explanation:
(hot) water person = Keitaa (Keittää, Finnish for boiling water)
Lava person = Kuma (Kuuma, Finnish for hot)
Words have been changed for better sounding name.

Add last name if you want. Works same way as choosing first name.

Good to know:

-No rip offs. I don't take those kindly.
-No ice people, there are only 5 left and all are designed.
-Be sure to make off form and on form of the character. Not everyone can be born with special on form.
-I don't really want Japanese culture taking over my story, so no Japanese word names.
-Consider the war that is going on between cold and hot. You shouldn't make cold person jumping around yelling "I love fire people"!
-In the story the neutral people have had a war 15 years in the past, so if your neutral character is 30 sun circles old, they might have been part of it.
-You're NOT allowed to use an old OC of yours.
-Just because character controls elements, they are not gods. Keep their powers to a reasonable level. Consider weaknesses and strengths.
-Nothing from our world: Try to avoid anything from our world. I want Temperature to be it's own universe. So I try to avoid our accents, religions, clothing etc.
-Don't feel obligated to make army people. Civilians are useful as well.

Anything that still bothers you, make sure to ask me. Don't improvise or guess.

Helpful: Temperature - Fan Character Tutorial - 1 info down by HuispeHow the people of the Temperature world work by HuispeTemperature power thermostat by Huispe(Temperature - New character sheet by Huispe<- artist's comment)
Let me make it clear right now that you should follow guide lines and if you don't, I won't be fixing any of them. If you come to me asking if your character is ok, I most likely will be telling you the exact same thing as here: "I don't fix any fan characters anymore"

Possible to also commission me to draw a character:
15$ for sketched fullbody (+5 for another character/form)
Color it:
flats: 20$ (+5 for another character/form)
Effects + shades: 25$ (+5 for another character/form)

I know the prices seem high, but I'm a full time worker and I'm suppose to keep up a weekly updating comic. :) If you're interested, note me.
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Working on it! XD
ShikaTheMudkip Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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yeah but I worry about you! XD If I go on a break, it takes longer for you to see Sky and Fuego and if I'm not there to draw you something to calm you, you'll blow up!!!
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What a cool group.
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Glad you like it ^^
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Dammit I go offline for a while and miss and awesome group Good luck with this man I would do an oc but the months almost up so yeah cool group thought.
Huispe May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like it ^^
Jackskelowine Apr 29, 2013  Student Filmographer
Okay quick question what color would you consider for someone who is made of electricity?
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